Unleash yourself from the restriction of cumbersome hookup cables.

With ION Audio’s Air LP, you can send the sound from your records wirelessly to any Bluetooth speaker. Put Air LP where it’s convenient for you and put your Bluetooth speaker where it sounds best-the sound is transmitted wirelessly and your days of fumbling with connection cables are finally over.

Air LP is a full-featured turntable that gets the best from your records and gives you endless opportunities for enjoyment. It plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. A quiet belt-drive system combines with Auto-Stop for convenient operation.

A 1/8-inch auxiliary input lets you connect other equipment and also wirelessly transmit that sound to the Bluetooth speaker. Air LP comes with our EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software that converts records to digital files when you connect Air LP to any computer with the included USB cable.

The hinged protective dustcover completes the package.


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of speakers can I use with Air LP?

Air LP can stream to most Bluetooth speakers. It uses A2DP which enables the wireless streaming of high quality stereo audio. If you have a Bluetooth speaker that you already use with your mobile device, tablet, or computer, you should also be able to stream your vinyl to it using Air LP. 


Will Air LP work with my SONOS; system?

Air LP will not connect to a SONOS system. SONOS uses their own streaming technology, not Bluetooth. 


How do I choose what speaker my Air LP is connecting to?

Air LP will connect to the closest Bluetooth speaker within range (approximately 30ft). It is recommended to turn off any other Bluetooth speakers that are within range so that you can be sure Air LP easily pairs with the desired speaker. If after 5 minutes no Bluetooth speaker can be found to pair with, the Bluetooth transmitter will become inactive and the LED will turn off.


How do I pair Air LP to my Bluetooth speaker?

  1. Power on your Bluetooth speaker and ensure it is in pairing mode.
  2. Power on the Air LP turntable.
  3. Press and release the Bluetooth button on Air LP to start pairing to your Bluetooth device. Once Air LP is connected to the Bluetooth speaker, the Bluetooth LED will be solid blue. Your Bluetooth speaker should also indicate that its paired.
  4. Play music on your Air LP turntable. If you are connected to a Bluetooth speaker with a play/pause button, and do not hear audio, try pressing the play/pause button.
  5. Adjust the volume on your Bluetooth device.
  6. To disconnect pairing, power off the Air LP turntable or turn of Bluetooth pairig.


What is the wireless range of Air LP?

Air LP has a range of approximately 30ft. Like all Bluetooth devices, range can be subject to interference from furniture, walls, and even people. Try to keep the line of sight between Air LP and your Bluetooth speaker as clear as possible. Additionally, the most range is achieved when streaming to a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker.  


What is the Aux input for?

Air LP has an auxiliary input which can be used to connect a CD player, digital media player, or other audio source via a 1/8"" stereo aux cable. The audio from the Aux input is also transmitted over Bluetooth. 


Can I use a 78 RPM record with this turntable?

Absolutely!  However, we recommend obtaining a 78 RPM stylus to be used with your 78 RPM records.


My turntable won't spin when I move the tone arm over the record. What do I do?

First, try the following steps:

  • Ensure the turntable is powered on (power switch in the back).
  • Ensure AUTOSTOPis turned On and the tonearm is placed over record (if AUTOSTOP is Off it should always be spinning when power is on).
  • If the above steps do not help, you may need to re-attach your turntable belt.  If you continue to have further difficulties, contact ION Audio Technical Support for further assistance.


Is the tone arm adjustable?

The ION Audio Air LP does not have an adjustable tone arm. The tone arm is optimized and professionally engineered to provide optimal playback and sit perfectly in the groove to give the highest quality recording.


My record is skipping. What should I do?

If the record is skipping, try cleaning the record directly using standard LP cleaning techniques. For some materials that can help with the cleaning of your vinyl, you can find the VINYL ALIVE Record Cleaning Kit on the ION Audio website. If the record continues to skip, consider replacing the stylus.


I can hear music coming from the turntable itself, but at a really low volume. Is this normal?

Yes, this normal. The music will be audible from the surface of the LP itself as the stylus tracks across the groove. This is normal, and you'll notice this with virtually any record player.

Further Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

  • ionaudio.com/support 


Tech Specs

  • Dimensions(length x width x depth): 16” x 14” x 4.5”
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Power: 12V DC, 0.2A, center pin-positive, tip-negative
  • Air LP Turntable Bluetooth Function: Transmitter
  • Bluetooth Version: 3.0
  • Bluetooth Range: Up to 30 feet
  • Cartridge Type: Ceramic
  • Cartridge and Stylus: CZ-800-10 (sapphire-tipped)

Box contents

  • Air LP
  • Power adapter
  • Dust Cover
  • USB cable
  • RCA Cable
  • 1/8” Aux Cable
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • Felt Slipmat
  • Software CD
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

  • Vinyl player connects to speakers via Bluetooth to play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records
  • RCA outputs for direct connection to stereo system. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Pentium 4 CPU or higher
  • 1/8-input auxiliary input lets you connect and stream other audio sources
  • Included EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software converts analog material to digital files via USB
  • Belt-drive turntable features convenient Auto-Stop

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ION Audio Air LP | 3-Speed Belt-Drive Wireless-Streaming Turntable with AutoStop For Use with Bluetooth-Enabled Speakers

  • $129.99

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