Turntable Values

Improving Your Vinyl Experience With the Right Turntables
Turntables are the platforms used to play your vinyl records. It is used to manipulate tracks, chain songs, and even create your own music. There are several types of turntables, but in general, it improves your vinyl experience. Without turntables, you will not be able to enjoy your vinyl music. Similar to vinyl records, turntables have been available for centuries. It is a musical device that has a platter, tone arm, motor, speed calibration strobe, and dust cover. To make the description of turntables simpler, it is what DJs use to mix songs and make outstanding tracks.

Turntables for a Beginner and Knowing Its Amazing Qualities
Turntables making a comeback make millennials more interested in the difference it could make to music industry professionals and beginners.  Primarily, differences in turntables can be defined by how it works uniquely. Vinyl record plays in turntable once the needle rides on the grooved areas of the vinyl. As a result, sounds will be produced at the speed set in a turntable. There are different parts found in a turntable, which makes music in vinyl sound so perfect.

The base is one of the essentials in making a turntable work. It can be made from wood or rig and may come in shapes. Basically, it holds the motor through a wheel or belt system.
The platter is another turntable part that plays the record at a consistent speed and maintains this. To produce a steady sound, some turntable options have ultra-weighted aluminum or heavy platter. Platters have rubber material that prevents scratches.

Complex technology of turntable is stored in the arm. It tracks along the vinyl while avoiding friction and too much movement. The arm has a cartridge, which is responsible for making sound waves out of the vinyl record furrows. The cartridge makes use of electromagnetic induction for transmission of grooves.

What Makes Turntable Better Than Other Music Players?
Apart from the qualities of a good turntable, there are different reasons why it is better than other music players. Primarily, if you are aiming to become a disc jockey, a turntable is the best choice if you want to learn how to make real music. Turntable will give you the edge to produce tracks out of complex track mixing and manipulation of sound elements. Software for sound mixing is available, but it produces sounds of inferior quality.

The output a turntable can produce is not an ordinary sound but an extremely better one. The machine magnifies sound elements 8000 times. In other words, whatever sound comes out of its speaker has every detail, including the ones you cannot hear. You can understand this better by how quality images are produced. The more pixels there are in an image, the sharper it is. Unlike digital music, sounds produced by a turntable are not chopped and free from noises.

How Do Old Turntables Compare to New Ones?
Vintage turntables will be more interesting firsthand due to its age. It could be amazing to try out how music is played before by your grandparents or parents. You can also see for yourself how complex technology is even in music listening.

Other than the nostalgic experience brought by a vintage turntable, old ones will always be cheaper. New ones come with a price due to added features. You can even buy vintage turntables under $500. If you are lucky, your relatives can pass an old turntable for free.

Aside from its price, it can also produce high-quality sound. Turntable reviews showed that new ones may have added features, but cheap models can fake it with poor sound generation. Some may describe new turntable's sound as clear, but models of today are not that advanced to imitate the warm sound produced by the vintage vinyl player.

If you want ease of use, the old turntable will also be a choice. Though new ones are available, they now have more complex features, and learning how to play it for the first time is really time-consuming. With the old turntable, you simply have to set it up and select a speed. In contrast, new turntable may have manual speed control and requirement of lifting the platter.

The Art of Buying Old Turntable Locally or Online
If you are planning to buy a vintage turntable on a budget, you got to be pretty specific with the steps. Be reminded not to expect too much from a vintage vinyl player. Only new turntable options have extra features and controls.
You have to understand that the quality of a vintage turntable is based on its material. Three main types of materials used for turntable are plastic, steel, and aluminum.

Plastic turntable appeared in the 1980s. The plastics are inexpensive but are known for making a turntable unfavorable due to its no counterweight arms and a weak motor.

Steel turntables, on the other hand, is inexpensive and light. The downside of steel turntable is its motor instability and low inertia.

Lastly, you have the aluminum turntable, which is expected to be pricier than plastic and steel. It is more expensive for it can maintain constant sound speed, better inertia balance, and reduced stylus vibration among others.
Buying an old turntable also requires you to focus on the stylus. If you want a greater quality of sound, make sure the stylus can glide over the record at a larger scope.

The vertical tracking angle should be similar to its angle. Turntables have three drive options, which are belt-drive systems, idler-wheel, and direct drive. Belt-drive systems work by using an attached elastic belt to the motor. It is advantageous for it avoids vibrations and isolates platter from the motor. It is also known for producing a better quality of sound.

An idler-wheel turntable is better known for its improved imaging feature and more stable sound by using a rubberized drive system. Direct drive turntable can give quicker startup times, consistent speed, and higher resistance from outside forces. It can be used for special sound effects.

The choice of your turntable will depend on different factors, but in the end, it is all about what you want and what your ears and wallet need. In the end, turntables will always aim to bring you real music and nostalgia in one.

How to Make Your Turntables Shopping Better and More Fun
It is no surprise that despite the release of different music formats such as tapes, CDs, MP3s, and mini discs, vinyl record playing with turntables will always be a hit. Turntables making a comeback are actually wrong because the music machine never lost its popularity. Even teenagers today are branded hipsters for their great interest in using the turntable for music.

Turntable shopping can be quite difficult and less fun if you do not know much about the machine. It is best that you consider finding out the difference of turntable first and its exceptional qualities. By doing so, you can compare and contrast turntables DJ packages with ease.

Why Buy Turntable to Improve Your Music Listening Experience
Turntables for a beginner focus on understanding the main advantages of using the music player instead of the digital ones.

Primarily, if you focus on the quality of sound intently, the only turntable can give you the warm and detailed sound of vinyl records. Unlike digital music players, the turntable will not compress audio. Audio compression is making the sound less detailed and clear on the outside but unlikely less resistant to loss of quality. Vinyl sounds played in the turntable is unequaled if you are looking for a natural, warm sound.

With a turntable, you no longer have to purchase expensive CDs or records locally and online. Vinyl albums are commonly sold in less than $20. You may even get discounts or promos if you are a collector in some sites. Options are also not limited to new records, but to as old as the 50s.

If you are a DJ wannabe, turntables online will also be the best for you. Turntable is known for giving you full control of mixing tracks and creating records of great quality. The machine may be old, but it can give you control over sound speed, noise reduction, vibration, and playback.

How to Buy Turntable Wisely on a Budget
Saving money is obviously among of the most common goals of turntable interested buyers. If you want to buy the right turntable and you are on a budget, then, you have to consider different factors. Before you inspect the features of a turntable, you should consider belt drive vs direct drive turntables. The belt-drive turntable is known for preventing vibrations, absorbing shock, reducing noise, and producing a better quality of sound. However, it can have an inaccurate playback speed and may wear down in a few years.

On the other hand, direct drive turntable will give you consistent sound speed, higher resistance to your hand or stylus, and less distortion of sounds. The downside with direct drive is its lack of control over unwanted vibrations.
The specifications of turntable must be complete. Without the standard specifications of a turntable, a great sound will not be generated by the machine.

One of the most important specs of a turntable is the variation of speed. You need to find a turntable that spins the platter accurately. Be reminded that a wavering effect on the audio can occur when a record speed deviation of higher than 0.25% happens.

On the other hand, you need more music signal from the turntable than noise. It is best to find vintage turntables that can provide more than 65 decibels.

In addition, there must be proper rotation speed present to have the best vinyl record playing. If you have 78 RPM records, it is preeminent that you choose a turntable having stylus or cartridge that can accommodate bigger furrows. The turntable must slide on the furrows as much as completing the whole record to keep the music sounding great.

If you can find a silent turntable, the better. Why? The more outside forces affecting the turntable, more changes with the sound will occur. One of the ways to determine a resistant turntable is to check if it has a floating platter. There are turntable options that can trap and get rid of external vibrations before reaching the platter. On the other hand, you may look for a spindle or bearing of the platter that can reduce rumble.

Get the Best Turntables for Your Vinyl Records Collection Now

Best rated turntables will give you more assurance of sound consistency despite using vintage vinyl records. Best rated means machines that are maintained in high quality and received positive reviews from previous users.

Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB is among the best for most people. It features accurate speed control, best audio quality, and hassle-free setup among others. It is also perfect if you want a highly adjustable turntable. When it comes to price, the turntable comes with hefty features at a cheaper price compared to inferior products.

Pro-Ject Elemental is another easy-to-use turntable for vinyl lovers. It can assure a build quality that will last for a number of years. According to reviews, most found its high-end cartridges extremely helpful in providing better sound.  Besides such, it also has a greater dynamic range and better definition of bass.

Lenco L-85 is a turntable perfect for a budget and digital way of using a turntable. It is a plug-and-play tool that will still give you the nostalgia factor.  The belt-drive turntable will give you phono stage and semi-automatic features. It has a moving-magnet cartridge and self-calibrating arm.

Thorens TD-124 is an option to users who are looking for better performing motor and heavy platters. It is a real classic for it has no extras, which make new turntable complex to use. It will not even be a sluggish choice for there are unnecessary modifications done with this classic.

Rega P3 is a competitor worldwide due to its value for money. You can get this machine at a cheap price without worrying about incredible sound, build quality, and durable tonearm. When it comes to aesthetics, Rega P3 will also not fall short with its glossy plinth.

Now that you have sufficient ideas on turntables, their features, and how to choose one, there is no reason for you to hold back from buying the vinyl machine. Enjoy shopping for turntables now by choosing the one with the right features at a right price on Base Vinyl.