About This Website

BaseVinyl.com was created by musicians and music lovers who grew up in an era before digital music when hot wax and black vinyl were what made the world go round. From the second hand used record ships across North America we learned to honor and respect the music and the process that goes into the vintage creation of music and sound. We eat, drink, and sleep music and collect records and enjoy our sound systems with a passion the way a mama loves her babies.

To those about to rock, we salute you.

The end of vinyl never happened, in fact, vinyl is becoming a new sensation and being reborn from the ashes thanks to a new generation who luckily still have connections to those of us who were alive when vinyl ruled the rock and roll scene. Vinyl is like art and collecting vinyl is collecting art. Each album is made of a fragile material that makes it easy to damage and impossible to replace.

Every album is a unique copy just as a snowflake is unique and can never be completely replicated.

Digital signals are all processed binary codes but a music pressed on vinyl and amplified via stylus and speakers is a physical process that more closely resembles our own organic lives. Vinyl and turntables may seem a bit like a romantic throwback but there is a grace and beauty in an album on a turntable just as there is a horse tied to a carriage.

Nostalgic? Yes, but the fact that an album is fragile and can be damaged is what makes it valuable. A digital copy of music is convenient but just like a library full of books is more awe-inspiring than a pile of kindle titles so a shelf full of vinyl albums more impressive than an iPod full of MPs music.

This is who we are and this is why we have this site to share our love of turntables and old fashioned technology and to salute those of you who, like us, appreciate the intrinsic value of vinyl and the technology of a diamond needle dancing on a groove.

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