Turntable Buying Tips

Vinyl is back on the market, and this time around in a big way. For many sound enthusiasts out there, no sound is better that the one that comes from a vinyl groove. The new record renaissance has helped a great deal. There are millions of classic songs at the local record store, and there are many new artists who are now releasing songs and albums on vinyl as well as digital download codes to give the fans the best sound ever.

 If you have been spending a lot of money to update your vinyl or to get into the game, there are so many options out there that can cater for all your audio needs. In this article, we are going to check some of the best turntables that cost not more than 500 dollars. These machines are perfect and do the job efficiently, and they will surely bring great sound to your ears as well as classic and modern style to your pad.

A few of these turntables come with an inbuilt phone preamp while others don’t have them. A phono preamp is a small machine that boosts the turntable signals so that new records can play it. Although many older versions have this device, many of the latest models don’t have them. Whether you want a preamp or not, it will all depend on the amplifier or receiver that you have as well as the speaker setup.

 Audio Technica vinyl recorder
The classics will always remain perfect, and you can never argue with that. This particular machine might not be the best looking when you compare it to others, but it sure sounds way much better than most records in the market. Also, the pricing is also pocket-friendly. However, the machine has a direct drive and not the belt-driven system. The Audio Technica is a very reliable music player and comes with so many features such as the selectable internal preamp. This feature is crucial because, with it, you don’t need to have a phono input. The machine also features three speeds that can handle any collection that you have and also has a USB output to capture the vinyl in digital format.

Pro-ject Carbon
This machine is a real definition of beauty. You can choose any of the seven colors you think will fit well with your décor. If you want a more philosophical one, then you can also get. However, if you get a turntable such as this one, then nothing could be perfect than that. This machine was carefully designed in the cheapest audiophile category. Additionally, the turntable is driven by the belt, and it features a carbon tube tone arm to minimize unnecessary resonance. There is also a DC power supply and a large platter that holds the vinyl records in their right position and also reduce any bad sound. What makes this turntable stand out from the rest is the fact that it has a caveat that cover and protects the machine, there are only a few machines that have this feature. With such models, you be forced to clean them now and then, but this is not the case with Pro-ject Carbon turntable.

Rega RP1 image
The simplest things in life are the most beautiful, and when we talk about beauty we can’t forget to mention Rega RP1 turntable. This unit is one of the best because it has managed to produce stellar sound on such a small budget and that is not all, it also comes with a unique features such as a hand assembled tone arm, a manual speed change system that prevents wear on the belt drive as well as a motor that performance quite excellent.

Pro-ject elemental
 If you wish to know how a belt drive functions or how it looks like, then you need to checkout pro-ject elemental turntable. The belt drive for this machine is located on the outside of the machine, and so you can watch while it is playing your favorite songs. The Pro-ject elemental turntable has a sleek design with out of this world features such as gold plated RCA cables, DC power supply to ensure the machine is running as smoothly with less noise, an inbuilt preamp, cartridge pins and finally a USB output to convert the collection to a digital format. This is a crucial feature that many other machines don’t have.

U-turn obit
 This music player was made with one important thing in mind; a stellar sound at an affordable rate. Although the player has managed to do an excellent job, as far as music is concerned. The construction of the machine is robust and features an acrylic platter and an MDF plinth. One of the things you may notice about this turntable is that it is very basic. The machine doesn’t feature any USB ports, inbuilt preamp or any automatic function. Besides, it doesn’t have the cue lever, and so you will need to set the needle manually and adjust the belt with your hands anywhere around 30 and 45RPM.

The music hall table
This is one of the simplest turntables on the market- an aesthetic machine that features either a Ferrari red, white or black belt-drive that work pretty much fine. The device also gives you a range of options to choose from. It also comes with a one-piece tone arm that enhances tracking ability, bronze, and stainless steel bearing assembly, and finally, a record platter to ensure the playback is as stable as possible.

Teac TN turntable
This is one of the best tables, as far as aesthetics is concerned. This music play has a glossy finish that is red in color. This makes it the best and good looking table on this list. The machine is more of an ornament that a vinyl record player. That’s not all, this table also has a broad soundstage, this is a great thing considering is a small budget. The bass is a bit heavy. But the mid-range is better.

A Guide to Buying Your First Turntable
So now, you want to embark on vinyl. Maybe you bought a new record, or you grandma just just gave you a new collection of classic music or gotten one from your friend. It does not matter where you got your vinyl record from, one of the biggest problems that many people face is purchasing a turntable. Just like any other electronic gadget, there are so many options out there for you to choose. Prices also differ, and features are also different.

It can be a daunting process, especially if you have no idea of how to purchase a turntable, but you should not worry at all. Once you go through this guide, you will surely be able to make informed decisions about turntables.

There are so many good turntables on the market. You just need to choose the one you think will suit your needs. Remember, this article is no meant for those who want to become a disk jockey.

Critical components that make up a turntable

Although you do not need to be an expert or an engineer to know how to use a turntable, it is paramount that you know one or two things you need to learn about the primary components of a turntable and how to use one.

To be precise, the main objective of a turntable is to place a needle on a needle on a vinyl record for the sound to be produced. Although it sometimes looks easy and straightforward. However, when you take into account that one groove of the record is tinier than the width of one hair, you will start to know how important it is to be precise when it comes to this kind of operation. When you pay, say 6000 dollars for a turntable, much of what you will be spending your money on will be for stability and precision.

When you take this two factors into consideration, certain crucial factors affect the recreation of sound that is on the record with a high degree of accuracy.
Here are some of the crucial components that get into the sound.

This is also known as the base. It is the part of the turntable that offers support to other areas of the machine. Usually, the base is attached to the feet of the machine. This helps to make the whole machine stable, which is a magnificent thing for playback. There are many materials used to make the plinth, which includes plastic, metal or wood.

This is the part of the turntable that rotates. This is the part where you put the record so that it spins. The platter is heavier so that it does not vibrate. The machine has a motor that powers the platter. The motor also features a mat that is placed on the surface of the record and the motor. The mat cushions the record and holds it in place and also reduces vibration. You need to set the speed of the platter so that it matches with that of the record. There are so many turntables that can play both 45RPM and 33RPM. However, you need to purchase a modification package or just purchase another turntable to play 78 Rrpm formats.

This is the arm that protrudes out of the record and lets the needle contact with the records while it is spinning. The arm is made in such a way that it gets the needle on the vinyl as well as helping it to maintain consistent speed and sound on the inner and outer part of the vinyl record. If the arm is not made in the right manner, it may slow down the sound, especially on the outer side and faster on the inner ones.

There is also the cueing device that holds the arm in place, and it is the one who is responsible for lifting and lowering the arm. You need to take care of this device because it is very delicate, so make sure that you handle it with care. The main job of this device is to offer a very smooth contact with the vinyl.

The stylus and cartridge
Many people are more confused because they use the two terms are frequently used in place of each other. A stylus is typically known as a needle. On the other hand, the cartridge is the part which houses the part that stylus. Many people say stylus when they mean cartridge.

The eternal quest for sonic perfection
Many people claim that vinyl records are not that good compared to other digital alternatives. This is because they have several points of sound degradation that take place along the path of your vinyl record to your ear, the quality of the equipment, breakdown of the vinyl, receiver quality, needle degradation, speakers and so much more.
The truth is that all these factors are correct. But there are many other factors that can make sound quality leak, but it is very rare.

Purchasing a new turntable
Although there are many great turntables on the market that you will find at an affordable rate. Once you purchase a new turntable, you get to have a piece of mind because you know it is something new that has never been dropped, touched or mishandled, and this is a great thing. Therefore, you decide to go to a shop and get yourself a new turntable. Having your answers is sagacious. It is good to know what you need in a particular machine before you get one for yourself.

Price range
Like any other item, you get what you pay for when it comes to getting your machine. However, the best thing about vinyl records, you can get to enjoy it even when you know the basic setup. And there is no harm in starting somewhere and most sound enthusiasts and audiophiles with systems in hundreds of thousands of people look fondly on the machines as the commencement of a lifelong passion.